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March 22-23, 2019 - Binghamton, NY

​March 20-21, 2020 - Binghamton, NY


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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions below may increase your understanding of AMVETS and our membership requirements. If you have an unanswered question, please call AMVETS at   877-726-8387.

What is an AMVET? 
AMVETS stands for American Veterans. Our members are active duty and honorably discharged veterans from all branches of services. We are chartered by congress to assist veterans in all aspects of their lives from disability claims to finding jobs.

Do you have to serve in combat to be an AMVETS member?
You do not have to be a combat veteran to join. All active duty and honorably discharged military personnel are eligible to become AMVETS members.

What are the membership dues? 
Annual dues are $30 a year when you join online as a member at large. Life membership is $250.

What is a Member at Large (MAL)? 
When you join online through our website, you are assigned to the state of your choice. You can be a MAL in your home state or the state you are stationed in. MALs have access to all AMVETS canteens and restaurants and can use all of our member discounts. Members at large do not have a vote in AMVETS elections. To be a voting member of AMVETS, you must join a Post.

How can I join and AMVETS Post? 
You can request a transfer from MAL status to a post. By joining a post, you can actively help veterans through a variety of AMVETS programs. You can do a zip code search for AMVETS Near You at the top of our website. Email or call the post point of contact and let them know you are interested in joining their post and they will help you with the transfer.

How was AMVETS started? 
When troops returned to America at the end of WWII, many used their newly earned GI bill benefit to complete a degree, a goal usually reserved for the wealthy. Veterans found they we comfortable with other veterans on campus and they formed veterans clubs. These clubs became active in shaping American policy and on July 23, 1947, President Harry Truman signed public law 216 which granted a Congressional Charter to AMVETS (American Veteran).

My Husband is in the military, can I join AMVETS? 
Yes you can join the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. The Ladies Auxiliary works closely with AMVETS posts on programs to help veterans. Go to their website at www.amvetsaux.org to join. A link to the Ladies Auxiliary is also under the About AMVETS Family tab.

My Dad was a soldier can I join? 
Yes you can join the Sons of AMVETS. Many posts have Sons of AMVETS working closely with the AMVETS members to help support returning veterans. Go to their website at www.sonsofamvets.org to join. You can also find the link under the About AMVETS Family tab.

How can I join the AMVETS Riders? 
AMVETS has a strong contingent of veterans that enjoy motorcycles. Go to their website at www.amvetsridersnational.org to join. You can also find the link for the AMVETS Riders under the About AMVETS Family tab www.amvets.org .


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June 6-8, 2019 - Binghamton, NY

June 4-6, 2020 - Binghamton, NY



Veterans Serving Veterans


The Convention is on June 6,7,8, 2019 at the Double Tree Hotel in
Binghamton. Pre-Registration has been a great success and it makes it easy for both you and us. Pre-registration costs $35. If you choose to pay at the Hotel it will cost $40. If you want to reserve a room you must use the Housing Form which is mandated by the Hotel. Both the Housing and Pre-Registration Forms are in the Empire AMVET and on the Web Site. Only members in good standing are permitted to attend the Convention, which means your dues have too paid up the date. We will be electing new officers and I will be sending out your Delegate strength before the Convention. To figure out your delegate strength you are allowed one delegate for every 25 members or fractions thereof. Officers reports and grants must be submitted no later than three weeks before the Convention. At the last SEC I asked the members to stop sending me address changes on paper or by just telling me in person but instead please use the Change form in the Red Book. There must have been seven or eight members who told me that their address was wrong in the Empire AMVET or on the list of Posts in the Red book but I received only one filled out address change form.
You can use this form too change not only addresses but you can use the form too change anything, phone numbers, spelling, DOBs etc. See you at the Convention. Remember NO MORE STAPLES. 

God Bless you and God Bless America.

Rich Rossi


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October 4-5, 2019 - Binghamton, NY

​October 2-3, 2020 - Binghamton, NY


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